10 Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate in a Relationship

10 Things You Shouldn't Tolerate in a Relationship

There’s certain things one should NEVER tolerate in a relationship. Here’s a quick list of the 10 biggest DON’Ts to have in yours….

  1. Depreciates Your Goals – They don’t have to have the same dreams you do, but it is certainly NOT okay to crush yours just because they don’t share them. I get asked way too many times what people are supposed to do if their partner or spouse doesn’t support their dreams, and my answer is always the same, “They’re not their dreams. They’re yours. And if they can’t at least support them, then maybe you should consider who you are currently partnered with.”
  2. Speaks Over You – Pet Peeve 100%! I’m not talking about the cute “finishes each other’s sentences” kinda of thing. I’m talking about blatantly cutting you off to talk over you without a care about what you were trying to say. This is NEVER okay, and should be corrected immediately. It’s not cute. It’s rude and abusive.
  3. Guilt Trips You Into Doing Things – If you’re never getting to do what you actually want to do because your partner is always guilt tripping you into doing whatever they want, then it’s time to get a new partner. Relationships are about compromise. Not one side always getting whatever they want.
  4. Bans You From Family and Friends – If they can’t trust you enough to be around your own family and friends, then they need to go. Period. I don’t care how cute they are, or how much you think you love them. If someone’s trying to control who you can and cannot see simply smile, wave, and tell them “bye bye” and walk your happy bottom off to have fun with people that love you for you.
  5. Criticizes You In Front of Everyone – If someone is putting you down on a regular basis, especially if there’s an audience then they need to go. There’s a time and a place, and in front of everyone is neither. You don’t always have to agree with your partner, but if you’re being belittled whenever there’s a crowd then they need to go. Seeing a theme?….
  6. Doesn’t Inspire You to Be Better – You can’t grow if you aren’t with people that inspire you to do so. You should ALWAYS try to inspire your partner to be the best version of themselves they can be for that given day. If they’re too busy becoming a permanent part of the couch and never holding down a job while you do all the work, then you will never grow into the Storm Chaser you’re destined to be. And the world becomes a much sadder place for it.
  7. Treats You Like a Child In Front of Everyone – I’m pretty sure you’re not 2 years old any more. However, if your partner continues to forget that you graduated from high school and are legally an adult and should be treated and spoken to as such, well I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now….they need to GO!
  8. Has Wandering Eyes – Girl, your minimum bid is at least a million dollars. If your own partner can’t keep their eyes on you, then they don’t respect you or value you and are most likely cheating on you. Now a guy’s gonna take a quick look. Let him. Look with him. But if that look last more than 3 seconds, it’s a complete sign of disrespect and you deserve better. Period.
  9. Goes Through Your Phone Only To Use It Against You – If they’re stealing your phone, deleted text messages out of jealously, or keeping track of who you’re talking to so they can start the whole, “Why do you talk to ________ so much? YOu wanna get with them or something?” and it’s your boss at work, then save yourself some grief and send them on their way.
  10. Has Secret Conversations with Ex’s – If someone is having regular conversations with their ex without at least telling you about it, then that’s just stupid shadiness that only leads to trouble. You should have open communication. Not an open relationship. Especially if the same person is banning you from your family and friends and simply wants the whole dessert buffet and tries to eat it too.

This was an ongoing theme in my most toxic relationships, and I can promise you personally that they never end well. I always end up coming to my senses, and now that I have broken my People Pleasing Addiction it’s absolutely unacceptable. Mostly because I know my self-worth and I know what are my hard limits and what I deserve. If you struggle with any of these, be sure to join my FREE facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ChasingStormi where we’re loving ourselves back to health! See you in there!

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