It’s a Rough Day…

When we’re “people pleasers” by nature it may feel like you can’t be honest, even with yourself, and admit you’re having a rough day. You fear the backlash of actually stating that you’re struggling. Maybe you don’t want to worry anyone, or be a “Debbie Downer”. Maybe you fear that people will judge you as a “drama queen” for not being your typical “sunshine” self, so you bottle up how you feel and try to keep pushing through.

But eventually, those buried emotions come to the surface at the least convenient times. Sometimes it’s a complete, ugly cry melt down. Sometimes it comes in the form of a depressive episode. Sometimes it comes as the crud that you have so successfully been battling for months, but due to continued stress you have lost your battle and become sicker than a dog.

I know how you feel, because I am having a “rough day” myself. I have learned that when you surround yourself with the proper support system you can be honest about your struggles, and find a positive in a dreary situation a lot faster. Even as a Recovering People Pleaser, I too, have moments of weaknesses. I have found that when I’m first honest with myself about what’s taking place, I’m able to bounce back much faster. I will call Nana and check in on her so I can get my “I’m so proud of you” wrap up, and I will reach out to the few that I actually trust to have my best interest at heart basically confirm what I already know…I’m a survivor, designed to survive any storm, and it’s okay to have weak moments. By recognizing that you are having one and getting help just proves how strong you truly are. I also know that we can trick our brains into knowing it’s true by hearing it come from someone else’s mouth, so I utilize this tactic often.

The fact remains, it’s okay to have “rough days” as long as we don’t camp out and refuse to put our shoes on. Even if we only lace our shoes that day, it’s still better than not trying to put them on at all. Get out of bed. Face the “rough day” and embrace the lessons of your current struggles, because the day we stop trying to conquer our personal storms is the day we stop truly living at all.

Then try to manage your day into smaller sections. Celebrate each task you accomplish. Don’t beat yourself up for not being quicker, and know that all you can ask of yourself is to give your best for that day, hour, or even minute by minute. Walk or take the stairs whenever you can. Moving gets our serotonin going, which is our saving grace. Know, that you are a fabulous human being, and no matter how long this storm feels like it’s going on it IS just temporary. For you are a Storm Chaser. Designed to survive, and this, too, shall pass….

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