Meet the Story Sharing Guru: Stormi Lewis

Hey Storm Chaser! I’m Stormi Lewis, the Story Sharing Guru from Kansas City, MO.

When I was about 5 years old, I had a moment that shook me to my core.

I remember thinking to myself that if I just disappeared, the world would be a better place without me in it. That’s when I knew I wasn’t just any normal kid.

It was the first time I recognized there would be a “Good Stormi” and a “Bad Stormi”.

“Good Stormi” was a straight A student that got lost in books, never was short of words when it came to writing, loved movies, and escaped through dancing.

“Bad Stormi” couldn’t control her emotions, was an easy target for bullying, went days without be able to sleep or escape her racing thoughts, while other days consisted of fighting with herself just to get out of bed and face the day.

I graduated with honors and then some, got my degrees in Interpreting American Sign Language, and went off to Vegas to interpret in hospitals and schools during the day, and danced in professional shows with celebrities at night. My resume quickly became a variety show in itself.

And then I took a psychology class that gave me the answer to what was “wrong” with me. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed being Bipolar/ADHD and lined with anxiety for good measures.

My people pleasing habits had converted to an addiction over the years as I desperately tried to get people to see “Good Stormi”. At the age of 35, I was on my second marriage with a man battling his own demons, and I was drowning in the toxic and abusive relationship that was supposed to be my “happily ever after.”

So, I decided to save myself. I walked away from my marriage and worked on learning to love myself, flaws and all.

Can you relate? Feeling like your writing or experiences are never good enough? Know you have a story that brews within you, but your fear and excuses keep getting in the way?

It’s easy to say you have a hectic life. You wouldn’t know where to even begin, let alone find the time to publish a book. It probably cost a fortune to do it anyway. Right?

I’m here to tell you it’s time to stop giving in to your excuses.

You can share the story that brews within you. Hectic schedule, family obligations, Pandemic, and all!

Someone needs your story. It’s time to let them hear it…

I help you share your story without losing your mind.

Ultimately, what I do is coach; helping you fight through your fears and excuses to publish your stories and change lives.

With over 328 million Americans, only a little over 45K label themselves as a writer/author. That’s less than 1% of people following through to get their stories published.

I increase that less than 1% by helping you share your story and inspire change to the 328+ million Americans. That’s just in the US!

I do that by…

Helping you lock down a schedule to still write no matter your circumstances.

Beat out Imposter Syndrome like no body’s business.

Give you the tools and resources to help you publish your story.

And that’s just for starters.

Professional Bio

Multi-published author and Story Sharing Coach, Stormi Lewis helps people over thirty overcome their fear and excuses to not publish their stories.

She’s the author of Surviving the Storm, Fuel for the Storm, and the Sophie Lee Trilogy, proving time and again that you can publish a book successfully in 6 months or less, even while working full time and caring for your family.

After spending a lifetime with bipolar disorder and ADHD, Stormi uses her experiences to help others achieve success in publishing a book while working around your everyday life, Imposter Syndrome, pandemic, and all.

From breaking her own people pleasing addiction, to hosting a podcast “Bookish Chatter” that helps new authors not feel lost or alone on their journey, Stormi continues to work with clients while publishing her own books so that the world continues to receive a rich tapestry of history, fiction, and other magical tales that touch the heart and inspire the soul.

Let’s make something together.