“A Soul as Cold as Frost” Review

This was a slow starter for me personally, which is why I give this book a 3.5/5⭐️ . There were even a couple of times that I considered just quitting, but I’m so glad that I kept going! Although the interjections don’t seem to really add much to the story, it’s only once you getContinue reading ““A Soul as Cold as Frost” Review”

“The Twelve Dates of Christmas” Review

When it comes to dating, thirty-four-year-old Kate Turner hasn’t had much luck. She lives in the sleepy town of Blexford, Englad, that doesn’t exactly have a large pool of eligible men to choose from to begin with. However, Kate has found plenty of fulfillment in her career as a designer, and helping out her friendsContinue reading ““The Twelve Dates of Christmas” Review”

“Jed Hat to Die” Reivew

I’m not sure murder has ever been quite so funny since Clue! If you’re a fan of the Dixie Chick’s “Earl Had to Die” than you will definitely love this book! You find out early on that Jed is the mayor of Bald Knob, who happens to secretly beat his wife. Although Payton has absolutelyContinue reading ““Jed Hat to Die” Reivew”

“Fear is Not the Boss of You” Review

I loved how real and true this book was! It really had me looking at my choices in a new light. When I was struggling to find my way, it was Jennifer’s suggestion to get off of social media for a bit that had me finding my way. Between COVID and everything else going on,Continue reading ““Fear is Not the Boss of You” Review”

“Pearl in the Darkness” Review

When I first volunteered to read “Pearl in the Darkness” by Santana Saunders, I didn’t know what I had signed up for quite frankly. I just knew I had not been able to read a book for pure enjoyment since I had started going back to school to get my AAS and BS in marketingContinue reading ““Pearl in the Darkness” Review”

My Biggest “A Ha” Moment…

Before, I was so addicted to making other people happy thinking it would bring me true happiness. After all, helping others brought me so much joy! However, that quickly became an addiction as I struggled to find the thing that I wanted most. A love that I truly deserved….the ability to love myself for whoContinue reading “My Biggest “A Ha” Moment…”

How I Ended Up on a Couple’s Trip Completely Single…

Chasing Stormi LLC originally started as a blog that was meant to help hold me accountable while I worked to break my people pleasing addiction. However, shortly after I started I realized that it was going to be something so much more…. I started by getting some coupons off of Groupon to try new thingsContinue reading “How I Ended Up on a Couple’s Trip Completely Single…”

10 Sings You’re On Track To Achieving Your Goals

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re on the right track or not. I mean, let’s face it…some days you struggle to keep your head above water and wonder if anything you do even matters any more. It can be impossible to see the signs from the good old Universal Intelligence (UI) when you’re inContinue reading “10 Sings You’re On Track To Achieving Your Goals”