Coaching packages offered by Chasing Stormi

As a multi-published author, with multiple books available on Amazon, podcast host to Bookish Chatter, an avid bookstagramer, and story sharing coach, there’s nothing that you’re going through that I haven’t already experienced in my own author journey. 

Your story is as unique as you are, and deserves the attention to get it successfully published that fits your particular author needs.

A story telling coach is a professional and experienced individual that assists you in getting your story organized, in line with your target reader, and helps you to stay on track until your book is published, and you will officially be able to proudly state you are a published author.

The book process can be complex, intricate, and includes various stages that most people don’t even realize is included.


  • Help you define your overall goals to make sure you’re on the right track that fits your needs to publish your book
  • Supply you with a step-by-step game plan to ensure your goals are achieved
  • Furnish you with a schedule of deadlines to make sure you are finishing your book by your desired deadline without giving you an ulcer
  • Help hold you accountable throughout whatever phase of your author journey that you are on.
  • Provide beneficial and constructive friendly feedback to ensure that your book and journey is the best it can possibly be.
  • Support you in making your author dreams a reality as you experience personal growth, pride, and accomplishment for publishing your book successfully

Check out the services below to find the one that best fits your journey today!

1-on-1 Strategy Meeting

Story Telling Coaching | Starting at $297


  • A 90 Minute Call to Include:
    • Finding Your Story
    • Help You Set Your Deadlines To Achieve Your Goal Publishing Date
    • Tips on How to Find an ARC Team
  • 1 Week of Email Support During Business Hours

Marketing Package

Coaching Sessions | Starting at $997


  • 60 Minute Phone/In Person Consultation
  • Step-By-Step Marketing Plan
  • Schedule of Deadlines
  • 4-60 Minute Phone/In Person Meetings to Make Sure You’re Achieving Your Predetermined Goals
  • A Copy of My Proven Successful Resources I Use to Publish Every Book I Write
  • Additional Services Available Upon Request for an Additional Cost

3 & 6 Month Coaching Package

Coaching Sessions | Starting at $2775


  • 60 Minute Phone/In Person Consultation
  • Pinpointing the idea and structure of your book to make it the most successful
  • A strategy of how to outline your book idea and what steps to take before our next call
  • Setting up a writing schedule that fits your current lifestyle
  • Determining a schedule of deadlines to make sure you are staying on track
  • Tips of how to strengthen your story for the most success
  • Best ways to locate your Beta Readers
  • How to set up your ARC Team
  • Marketing Tips and Tricks
  • Discussing the importance of reviews and ideas of how to get them on a budget
  • Cover options
  • How to download your scrip into KDP Select
  • How to achieve a launch party
  • Bi-weekly accountability phone calls
  • Tips and Tricks how to keep the buzz going after your book is published
  • Unlimited emails during office hours
  • Your personal accountability partner and support for the entire 3 or 6 months (depending on your package)

“I loved our chat together and how warm and inviting you were and vulnerable! I left inspired and motivated to go back through everything I tossed out and see what might need to remain to properly share my story.”

— Lindsay Rae

“The idea of writing my own book scared me but Stormi made it so easy for me to understand and took the fear out. She simplified the process and made me even more confident to get started by creating a timeline for me.”

— Martine Cadet

“When I reached out to Stormi pitching an idea I had for a new eBook, she was there to listen, advise and guide me. She helped me bounce ideas and she happily shared her experience and feedback to help shape the guide, as well as connect me with other authors I could reach out to.”

— Lucie Ataya